Sometimes the World Messages Back

Yesterday, as you know, I was traveling home and it started off with the message in the photo below. After I took that I had a bit of an irritating day. I hadn’t slept much or well the night before so I was tired and cranky. Then I realized I’d booked a flight with such tight connections that I couldn’t get a proper lunch – I had a couple of handfuls of almonds and I found an old, pre-made sandwich at the Detroit airport that I wolfed down partly because I was hungry and partly because if I ate it … Continue reading Sometimes the World Messages Back

A Story from Our Life in the Yurt

It’s a hot summer day in the Missouri Ozarks. We have been living in a yurt with no electricity, running water, or a fan for about two years now. On the one hand it’s really great because without electric bills, heating bills, or significant rent we require very little to survive. This means I only have to work 10 hours or less a week. This is as we intended it as we moved here when my son was 5 months old so my partner and I could both be at home most of the time. Most summer days are pretty … Continue reading A Story from Our Life in the Yurt