Kittens Explain Story Editing

My partner, Sage, is a storyteller and she teaches storytelling workshops as well.  Recently she made a video to explain something I need to work hard on: Editing. Whether telling a story on stage, sharing a story with our friends, or writing a post here, it’s good to know what details you should and should not include. If you’re in Toronto, Sage offers workshops several times a year and performs regularly. We’re planning a trip back to India in January and she is hoping to offer a few workshops there and, if the opportunity arises, to perform there as well. … Continue reading Kittens Explain Story Editing

Hey Delhi and Jaipur! Tell Me Your Stories!

As many of you know, my partner, Sage, is a storyteller and teacher of storytelling here in Toronto. But she also has a podcast in which she shares other people’s stories as told by them. Some are by people she has met in Toronto either through storytelling performances or through her workshops and classes she’s offered over the years. Others, though are complete strangers who had a story they wanted to share. In just over three weeks, my son, Daegan, and I will be headed to Delhi to spend a week there, and another week in Jaipur. Do you live … Continue reading Hey Delhi and Jaipur! Tell Me Your Stories!

Dressing in Rags to Escape Afghanistan

My partner, Sage, gathers true stories from around the world for her podcast. Today on her show,¬†Fatima Farooqi tells the story of her family’s fleeing Afghanistan in to Pakistan, risking their lives by dressing in rags to sneak past border guards. I just listened to it and was totally on the edge of my seat. I know you’ll enjoy it as well. Listen here. Continue reading Dressing in Rags to Escape Afghanistan

High Stakes Storytelling Podcast Goes Live

Those who know me from before this blog started already know of my partner, Sage Tyrtle. However, for those of you who’ve just met me let me tell you a bit about her. I met Sage online back in 1991 and after a very short time we ended up living together. (I’m deliberately being vague here – there’s a story on the way about that…). Together we’ve had a fairly odd life, living in a yurt in the woods for a while, homeschooling, and eventually immigrating to Canada from the US, making good on our promise that “If the Republicans … Continue reading High Stakes Storytelling Podcast Goes Live