30ish Years post-graduation

In my Facebook feed lately there’s a lot of activity. 30 years ago is the graduation date for the class I would’ve graduated with had I not skipped Grade 8. Being a small town, many of us have known each other for most of our lives as I started at this school in Grade 2. One person in the Facebook group suggested that people write what’s happened since graduation since many of us didn’t stay so well connected. I started to think about it and there was a lot that happened (well, it was three decades after all) and so I … Continue reading 30ish Years post-graduation

Improving Your Persistance Ratio

Tonight I signed up for an actual indoor cycling race league. Riding with the big kids, as it were. Those in the upper levels of this league are competing for thousands of dollars, those of us in the lower levels are competing for socks and jerseys. But really I joined to compete with myself. A bit over an hour ago I started my first race: about 30 km – an hour’s worth of giving everything I had. The first few minutes went well. I felt strong (I was full of rice and homemade Thai curry – of course I was … Continue reading Improving Your Persistance Ratio

Why I Give Up and Why I Should Quit it

It’s February of 2016 and I’m discouraged. I have been taking Hindi lessons for about 18 months, spending the better part of two hours reading, talking, learning some grammar, only to have to re-learn it again a few weeks later when it would completely fall out of my head. I felt like I was getting nowhere and in great part that was true. After all, if I’m truly honest – and I can be with you guys. Other than a Hindi film every few months, I would do all of my studying in the 30 minutes before that week’s class. … Continue reading Why I Give Up and Why I Should Quit it