CFFC: Books or Paper

In 2003, we’d decided we’d had enough of the sociopolitical climate in the US and immigrated to Canada, moving to Toronto in January of 2004.  We were as happy here as we expected we would be. It really was refreshingly different – of course we’d also moved from the relatively conservative state of Missouri so it was even more noticeably progressive here. In September we got our absentee ballots, marked all of the Democratic choices and put them in the mail. Needless to say, we were extremely disappointed with the results as George W. Bush won handily. Even though we … Continue reading CFFC: Books or Paper

The New ‘OK’

Americans seem to be completely accepting of this but I suspect those of us living outside the US might find this both sad and ridiculous. Police said it took several hours to identify the gunman on CCTV, as several other armed citizens drew their weapons when gunfire broke out. Thornton Police Department spokesman Victor Avila said: “We had to be able to discern what exactly was going on – whether that was a suspect or whether that was a citizen truly worried about what was going on at the sound of gunshots”. Via the BBC. And quite frankly at this … Continue reading The New ‘OK’

Culture Shock in My Own Country

I was born in the USA (there, now that song is in your head too) but as long time readers know, in 2004 we followed through on the promise that many Democrats have made for ages and moved to Canada.  Since then I’ve traveled here 90% for business and the occasional vacation. With Trump as president, and the culture he’s encouraging widespread, I can say with confidence that my last vacation here, during his presidency, was this past summer. I’ll re-evaluate in 2021. But now I’m in the deep south – the heart of Trump country. This morning it was almost … Continue reading Culture Shock in My Own Country

One Border, Two Very Different Experiences

The experience crossing the US / Canadian border is shockingly different. One of the things that makes travel to the US unpleasant (at least before Nexus) was the experience with the folks at the border – particularly the land crossings. Going in to the US, even as a citizen the feeling is distinctly one of being asked to prove one’s innocence. You’re crossing the border – show me you’re not up to no good.  I’ve been chastised for my reasons for renting a car (“What do you mean you don’t own a car?!”), criticized for my description of my (rather complicated) … Continue reading One Border, Two Very Different Experiences