Ride Day 3: The Climbing Begins

We woke up early Wednesday to find our host had already left (but left coffee on for us). The great news for us was that he had left to go pick up things for breakfast. And so Daegan and I loaded up on bagels, eggs, and bacon in preparation for our ride.  We packed our bags (with freshly done laundry), oiled our chains (the previous day’s hose-down had removed much of the lubricant along with the mud) and loaded our panniers. Before long we were off with stunning weather to take us along. After a little bit of a ride, … Continue reading Ride Day 3: The Climbing Begins

Riding Day Two – Plattsburgh to Vermont

A few hours after we arrived in Plattsburgh, the rain joined us there and we spent most of the day relaxing and watching bad TV in the hotel room with a quick outing in the middle of the day to break things up. The next morning we woke up and wouldn’t you know it, it was still pouring. But our time was limited and really, the attractiveness of “Staying in a Holiday Inn in the suburbs next to the interstate” is extremely limited.  And so we went down to have breakfast and resolved to get on the road by 9 … Continue reading Riding Day Two – Plattsburgh to Vermont