Yurt Years – March 1999: In Transition

I wake up in a room with a mandala print tapestry hanging from the wall, the smell of incense in the air. Throughout the room in various places are candles ready to be used. I take inventory: Sage is there, Daegan is there. But there are no cats to be seen which is confusing. With eight cats living with us it’s surprising that not one is sleeping with us. And why is it so cold? I’m positively shivering in here. Continue reading Yurt Years – March 1999: In Transition

Voice from the Past: 28 yo Todd retells a story

I have been considering for years the prospect of writing a book about our time living in the yurt. It’s pretty overwhelming, and I’m not sure where to start and where to focus but every now and again I go through some of my old blog entries to look for inspiration. Yesterday I was doing that again and came across the original entry about the story I just recently wrote up here.  It’s interesting to see what details I got right and what things I messed up completely. I got the day almost right: June 23, 1999 but the meal … Continue reading Voice from the Past: 28 yo Todd retells a story

A Story from Our Life in the Yurt

It’s a hot summer day in the Missouri Ozarks. We have been living in a yurt with no electricity, running water, or a fan for about two years now. On the one hand it’s really great because without electric bills, heating bills, or significant rent we require very little to survive. This means I only have to work 10 hours or less a week. This is as we intended it as we moved here when my son was 5 months old so my partner and I could both be at home most of the time. Most summer days are pretty … Continue reading A Story from Our Life in the Yurt