Changing Goals

After a few months of training to run a 5K again, wouldn’t you know it? The airfares to NYC were such that the only day to fly was exactly the day of the race I had signed up for. That said, it’s probably good that I missed it. I had two physical goals for this year. One of them was to run a half marathon. However, my shin splints were returning to the point that simply bumping my shin very gently was very painful If that’s how it was running 5K, what would 22 kilometres be like? And so, I’ve … Continue reading Changing Goals

Improving Your Persistance Ratio

Tonight I signed up for an actual indoor cycling race league. Riding with the big kids, as it were. Those in the upper levels of this league are competing for thousands of dollars, those of us in the lower levels are competing for socks and jerseys. But really I joined to compete with myself. A bit over an hour ago I started my first race: about 30 km – an hour’s worth of giving everything I had. The first few minutes went well. I felt strong (I was full of rice and homemade Thai curry – of course I was … Continue reading Improving Your Persistance Ratio

Following Through

Over the years I have always had this intent to try a deceptively simple practice. Whenever you think you should do something, instead of weaseling your way out of it or finding a reason to justify why you don’t need to do it, you just do it. Instead of thinking “I should really make dinner…but I’m going to go out for Thai food instead.” you just make dinner. If you find that you’re missing the coconut milk you need to make the dish happen, you just dash out to the store and grab it. Instead of thinking “But it’s cold … Continue reading Following Through

A Week of Near-Balance

If you’ve been here a while, you’ve likely noticed that I’m often pushing myself. Pushing for productivity, pushing to get more interesting things done in the time I’m allotted, pushing to avoid procrastination and so on. This week, I completed a new experiment doing a few things: The first was to quit micro-managing every minute. My to-do list still existed, but reminders were only for major things like “Start work at 8:00 AM” or specific appointments. This made it easier to focus and made my reminders more valuable. They really were important things, not planning my life to the nearest … Continue reading A Week of Near-Balance


Last night I didn’t have time to go out for a ride, but with our tour coming up in about 2 weeks I need to get some kilometres under my belt. And so I signed myself up for the ZTR Thursday night race – my old standby from earlier this year. I set up my bike, fought with connecting it to the computer and then inflated the tires and calibrated the trainer. Calibration is needed because every tire and bike is different and you need to match up the proper pressure on the tire to make sure the resistance that … Continue reading DFL FTW