Toronto by Library

Latest entry: Toronto by Library #33: City Hall

lived in Toronto for fourteen years now and am fully in love with it. But like any place I’ve lived before, I actually have gone to only a tiny fraction of places. There are so many places that I’ve never been.

Meanwhile, I’m also a person who has always loved libraries. Who wouldn’t? They are temples to something I love: books. Just like a church, once I walk in one I feel comfortable. I look around me and feel good knowing that on some level everyone around me shares this love.

So what better way to explore my own city than by visiting its neighbourhood libraries one by one? In each entry I will talk a bit about the library itself, as well as my experiences in and impressions of the neighbourhood it is in. The order is somewhat random. When I’m planning a trip that is exclusively to a library, I will just use a random number generator to choose one from the map. When I’m pairing it with an errand or something else I’m doing, then I will look on the map above and see what’s nearby where I’m already going.

If you’re ready to see some of my favourite places in the city, have a look below:

After starting this project, I have realized that visiting libraries elsewhere in the world is just as interesting there as back home. Below are entries in which I’ve visited other libraries outside of Toronto.