Yurt Life

In August of 1998, my son was born.  In November of that year I went on a 5 day business trip and when I got back my son was noticeably aloof. He’d forgotten who I was. At that point I started thinking more and more about how I could spend more time with him – ideally living at home full time.

The answer came from my mother in law. She lived very simply for many years – little electricity and no running water, spending many of those years living year round in a tipi. With a small house, and few living expenses, one needs to work much less. In February of 1999, I quit my job, took the little I had in my 401K and moved with my family to some land a friend of mine owned in the Missouri Ozarks. There we built a yurt and lived for two years. Listed below are a number of entries on the subject: