Yurt Years: Early Digital Nomad Life

As my current job ends and I start to look at how my new life might look, I am leaning very strongly toward a work life like I had when we lived in the yurt – a life that I saw summarized in a quote by Tim O’Reilly just this morning:

“Money is like gasoline during a road trip. You don’t want to run out of gas on your trip, but you’re not doing a tour of gas stations.” Continue reading Yurt Years: Early Digital Nomad Life

Libraries on the Road: Off to Cleveland

After several months at home, this week it is time to take a business trip and I’m not looking forward to it. While sometimes I’ve been sent to the suburbs of New York City or even Belgium, this time it’s to Ohio. And I’m not just going to Ohio which sounds really boring, it’s in rural Ohio. However, over the course of several business trips I’ve learned ways to even make trips to places I’d prefer to avoid, an interesting experience. It just takes a bit more creativity and a bit of searching. And this trip’s search turned up the unexpected: Instead of flying to the closest airport with a direct flight from Toronto, take on an extra few minutes’ driving time and land in Cleveland. Continue reading Libraries on the Road: Off to Cleveland

Pastalaya for Dinner

In the centre of Louisiana, just down the road from the dozens of chemical plants that give the region the nickname “Cancer Alley” lies the little town of Gonzales. Before Gonzales was known for its high school football team or the long chains of organic molecules that pay many people’s mortgages, it was known for something else:
India has its biryani, Spain has its paella, and Louisiana has jambalaya. Continue reading Pastalaya for Dinner