थाई टोफू करी – Thai Tofu Curry

For English speakers, you can find the original recipe that this recipe, one of my favourite dinners, is based on here. नोट: शायद कुछ सामग्रियां  उपलब्ध नहीं हो सके इसीलिए मैंने उन सामग्रियों के  विकल्प का सुझाव भी दिया है| … Continue reading थाई टोफू करी – Thai Tofu Curry

Kittens Explain Story Editing

My partner, Sage, is a storyteller and she teaches storytelling workshops as well.  Recently she made a video to explain something I need to work hard on: Editing. Whether telling a story on stage, sharing a story with our friends, or writing a post here, it’s good to know what details you should and should not include. If you’re in Toronto, Sage offers workshops several times a year and performs regularly. We’re planning a trip back to India in January and she is hoping to offer a few workshops there and, if the opportunity arises, to perform there as well. … Continue reading Kittens Explain Story Editing