Fall Colours in our Neighbourhood

Today was something of a rest day so I didn’t do a big ride, just a quick jaunt with the trailer to drop off library books and pick up groceries. All told about 4-5 km.

I was 100% on roads today, but some folks with the CBC took some video of our neighbourhood with a drone. The view is a bit below our apartment windows but you get to see more of the forest I ride and run through – this time from above.

Hope you all are staying safe and enjoying the autumn, the tail end of the rainy season, or for some of you, springtime.

8 thoughts on “Fall Colours in our Neighbourhood

    1. Thanks!

      Yeah – there are a few videos from drones in our neighbourhood. It’s interesting to see how a bit closer to the ground things look better than they do from way up here. It’s pretty but to really appreciate it you have to be a little bit closer.

      1. It really does. Some of my recent rides have been on trails nearby our place but in a totally different direction – seeing our building from a new angle is strange and interesting.

    1. Thanks! I think we’re getting to the end of the peak colours here now. Today it was cold, windy, and rainy. Funny how it always seems to work this way. The weather is lovely until one day a big, cold, windy rain comes and knocks down most of the leaves.

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