The More Things Change…

The more they stay the same. I’m in Vermont, where I grew up, for my 30th high school reunion. I brought Daegan along because we both love a road trip. As I was driving today I realized I could do something really fun.

In 1991 I had my friend Michaeline, whom I’m staying with, take a photo of me to send to this young woman I had met online. And so we drove to a spot with a pretty river behind me and took the photo. At the same time she took a photo of herself and sent it to me. The whole process from “Hey, we should see what we each look like.” to having the photos in our hands took a few weeks and we were both pleased with what we saw. Sage cane for a visit soon after she received the photo, and on a whim we both decided that instead of it just being a four day visit, we would stay together forever. It’s been 27 years so far.


Today I realized I had a kind of similar (but much newer) car and I could go do that again. And so, off Daegan I went to the same spot…


Now if it were to really match who I am, I’d have my hand on my bike – I haven’t owned a car since 2004.  Maybe next time I bike down here I can get that done…

I sent the new photo to Sage a few minutes ago and said “This is what I look like. I hope you still want to meet me tomorrow.”  I hope she says “Yes!”

5 thoughts on “The More Things Change…

    1. I know! I was really lucky to have grown up here. I don’t think I’d ever dream of moving back because there are too many things I love about city life (and only one of the three of us drives) but it was a pretty great place to grow up.

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