Purple Yam Preview (A to Z Blog Challenge – “P” – April 2019)

Today Sage and I were out in the world gathering information for a future library visit. While most of the visit will remain a secret until closer to the end of the month, I can share the fact that while we were out we went to Cafe Bora, a Korean dessert chain that opened recently in Toronto.

One of the defining characteristics of this cafe is its core ingredient. Nearly everything in this restaurant uses purple yam. It makes for some beautiful desserts

We had recently eaten lunch and had another food-related trip planned later in the day so we just shared a single dessert.

Watch for the rest of this Toronto by Library visit in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, why not go back to the archives and learn a little bit more about Toronto’s neighbourhoods and the libraries that serve them in the Toronto by Library archives.

This entry is part of the Blogging from A to Z challenge for April 2019. Click here for more info.

11 thoughts on “Purple Yam Preview (A to Z Blog Challenge – “P” – April 2019)

    1. Oh man it was CRAZY good. This is one of the things I love about Todd – I am such a traditionalist when it comes to food, this is the kind of thing I’d NEVER choose to eat on my own.

      1. I know!!! I would need someone to convince me that THIS ONE TIME I should broaden my horizons and choose purple over chocolate.

      2. I was totally shocked. Yams and sweet potatoes are on Sage’s “Must not eat under any circumstances.” list. But this somehow made it past that. That should tell you how far it is from actual yam flavour.

    1. We’re seeing lots of this sort of thing coming in in the past few years. Massive bubble tea chains, Chinese discount store chains, Filipino fried chicken chains. It’s a pretty wonderful place to be right now.

    1. It was definitely worth the trip – really interesting. We went to a couple of other interesting places as well but I’ll save those for the actual write-up.

  1. I can’t wait for this library visit– I can’t go back & entertain myself because I’ve already read ’em all lol. 😂 I’ve actually never tried the purple potato (also known as ube, right?) but that dessert you got looks yummy!

    1. That’s the one. The post is coming soon as it begins with the letter Y. Another entry will come soon after as the visit is done. Glad you enjoy them. Thanks for letting me know!

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