Friday Foto Fun – Library

The Aroused blog has offered “Library” as the theme for the latest Friday Foto Fun challenge and of course I couldn’t pass this one up. For almost two years I have been exploring Toronto’s neighbourhoods by way of the 100 library branches that serve them. I choose a library, see what it is like and then explore the neighbourhood around it.

So often we all get stuck in ruts: We go to the same restaurants, shop at the same stores, take the same routes to the same places. This project has been fantastic in that it has taken me to neighbourhoods all around the city that I wouldn’t otherwise have seen, finding places I love that I would otherwise have had no reason to be anywhere near.

Each entry is filled with photos and descriptions of my experiences in the libraries as well as on the nearby streets, parks, shops, and restaurants. I’ve even taken this a step further and am visiting libraries in several cities outside of Canada when I travel from Cleveland to Jaipur. You can find all of the entries indexed here. Here are some photos selected from the entries I’ve already written.

If you’re interested in more of these entries (there will be at least 61 more!), follow this blog, or keep checking back at the Toronto by Library Page. Or you can follow the project on Instagram at @torontobylibrary.

9 thoughts on “Friday Foto Fun – Library

  1. WOW that is really taking the library prompt very seriously!
    You must have been working on this project for a while, gather it’s paid work? Who would pay you to visit such magnificent libraries? Great shots and good info!
    I’ve been to Jaipur several times but it would never occur to me to even look for a library, well done!

    1. Thanks! Yes – I’ve been at this project since 2017. But no, it is only a labour of love. If you ever find someone who is hiring for such a position, though, let me know! 😉

    1. Mine also. I think if my family and I had food, shelter, and our health, I could get by happily with a good library and little else.

    1. Thank you! We are so lucky to live in this city where people value the library and what it gives to the community so much.

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