52 Adventures #26 – Taskmaster Singing

Sage and I have been enjoying the British TV series, Taskmaster, in which celebrities compete to individually complete tasks assigned by the “Taskmaster”. The show mirrors the 52 Adventures project in a few ways but mostly in terms of what the tasks inspire in the contestants. They’re always challenging and require a little thought. Most times they involve the contestants risking hurting their ego, doing something they’ve never done before or things that they might find embarrassing.

Sage was so inspired by this that when she got this week’s challenge, submitted by a reader, she knew she had to make a Taskmaster-inspired 52 Adventures task for me. We did it via Facebook Live with a few friends watching here and there to provide a little added risk. Unlike some of the previous live attempts, in this one there would be no going back and re-recording when things didn’t go perfectly. Once we hit the “Broadcast” button, we were on our way.

In the end, though this was one of the scariest ones to anticipate – even scarier than hanging off the CN tower,it ended up being one of the most fun. And I had so much fun doing it live that I definitely want to do it again. Which is good because Sage already has next week’s Taskmaster tasks defined for me – and I have no idea what’s coming next.

If you have any ideas for adventures I should go on – you can use the form on this page. Your idea will be sent secretly to Sage without my knowing – and then you can find out just how I react when I discover, ten seconds before doing the task, what you asked me to do.

4 thoughts on “52 Adventures #26 – Taskmaster Singing

  1. Last night my granddaughter and I began planning our visits to all 169 libraries in Connecticut. We will see how it goes. It was inspired by your visits to all the ones in Toronto. I look forward to your future tasks. They have all been wonderful so far.

    1. Thanks so much! I’m really glad to hear your plan also. I’ve got a plan to get that going again in the next week or two. I’ve got quite a queue of things I want to do and tons of writing to do also. It’s all good, though. That’ll all be helpful in beating post-trip letdown. Or at least making it less severe (I’m definitely experiencing it now…)

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